Women in Power Luncheon { West Palm Beach }

Every couple months my mom invites me to attend a Women in Power luncheon. I don’t get to spend too much quality time with her because we both lead busy lives, so I agreed to go. I pleasantly enjoy listening to the different speakers that come share stories of struggle and triumph. The crowd that attends is usually women who do a lot of charity work, or donate funds to the charities. Two years ago when I attended my first one of these fancy luncheons I couldn’t get over the amount of bad facelifts that were crammed together in one room. But the more I attend, I see more women like my mom who are aging gracefully and wear their wrinkles proudly.

The food is catered by The Breakers, it’s always a lite tasty salad… I once saw a woman eat two servings because there was an empty seat next to her so she took the extra meal 🙂 I’m pretty sure everyone in the room wishes they had two servings.

It’s nice to have desert and coffee while we listen to the amazing stories that the speaker has to tell us. I’m grateful that my mom is a coffee lover and appreciates yummy creamer… I can count on her to have a few in her purse at all times!

This week an American journalist, Laura Ling spoke about her violent apprehension by North Korean soldiers. Her story was terrifying and sad, but she had a message of hope to share with all of us women in the room that day. I enjoyed her message and was very excited to see her book ‘Somewhere Inside’ tucked away in my swag bag!

The luncheons were being sponsored by PNC bank in conjunction with the YWCA. The Palm Beach Photographic Center was the quaint meeting place but the popularity of the events has drawn so many women we have outgrown the venue. The next one will be at the Convention Center, I can’t wait to hang out with my mom again and hear an inspiring message from a strong woman.

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  • JessicaFebruary 13, 2012 - 10:57 am

    This is awesome! I love it, so glad you posted it!!


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