How did you learn about photography and what made you decide to pursue it?

After I had my son my husband wanted to get a DSLR camera… I wasn’t too fond of the idea because I wanted something small and cute that I could fit in my purse. But thankfully I gave the big clunker a chance, once he explained some of the really cool things we could do with it. I started playing around and learned all the basics, I was in love and practiced non stop!

What is your favorite photograph that you have taken?

It’s hard to choose just one but this image is at the top on my list.

eve greendale photography

What is your favorite thing to photograph (families, weddings, babies, kids, siblings?)

It’s a tie between babies and engagement sessions. They are easy and naturally make images that ooze with love.

How do you know when a picture is “ready” after you edit it?

I try not to do too much editing but there are certain things that bother me and I will have to fix… Skin tones have to be perfect, and if any areas of the image are too bright or too dark I will fix that.

If you could describe your pictures in one word what would it be?


Do you do a lot of staging, or do people tell you what and where they want to take pictures?

I discuss location options with my clients before the shoot and we decide on a location based on what look they are going for. When we arrive to our photo shoot location I usually look for a spot with the best lighting and guide people to that spot, most of the time they will do their own posing naturally, but I do help just to make sure everything is perfect. Throughout the shoot I will continue to guide my subject by giving them different commands.

For example if it is an engagement session I will say, hold hands and walk away from me, then hug, spin, kiss, etc.

If it‘s a little kid I will ask them to find a sea shell or pick a flower then show it to me. Then I will take a picture of their face as they hold out the flower because they think I’m looking at the flower but I just zoom past it and get a nice shot of them staring at me.

When is the best time of day for taking outside photos?

Either at sunrise or an hour before sunset

Should your subjects all wear matching colors or contrasting colors?

It’s all personal preference but I personally like when people are colorful and matching, but not wearing a “uniform”. For example pick a color palette of 3 or more colors that look good together and just dress everyone in those colors but not exactly the same. Here is an example of what I’m talking about.

eve greendale photography

How long does a usual session last?

On average, about an hour.

How far will you travel for a session, and is there a fee for traveling outside that designated area?

There is no limit on how far I will travel, but there is a fee if I am leaving Palm Beach County.

How long will it take to see my proofs?

Proofs are ready one week after the photo shoot.

Do I get a CD of all of my pictures or just the edited ones?

If you purchase the high resolution CD you will get all of the edited images. There are usually about 50 images on the disc.

How long have you been taking photographs?

I got my first camera when I was in elementary school, but I got into digital single lens reflex cameras 4 years ago, and I’ve owned my business for over a year now.

Is there anything you will not shoot?

I’m not a big fan of photographing things that are not alive… I like to have a connection with my subject.

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