Luke’s First Flying Lesson

When we decided to homeschool Luke, part of my plan was to enrich his life with hands on experiences. In our lessons I wanted to be able to include things he was interested in, and hoan in on certain skills so that when he is older he will have plenty of knowledge in areas that interest him. Aviation has been a huge part of his life recently. He will go to the airport with Allan and watch planes land, shouting out what type of plane they are, and memorizing all of the commercial aircraft logos. His favorite video games are flight simulators, he will spend hours landing plane after plane. Recently I found a program the embraces children with this interest and allows to them get a jump start on earning their private pilot’s license. This was no ordinary ride, while up in the air Luke was able to take control of the plane, do turning drills, and fly for quite a long distance. And so the journey begins! Here’s a glimps at my little pilot.


Here’s Drew waiting patiently for Luke to land.

Then they Swooped up one more time to give little sister a taste!

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